CHris cook homes, llc

"Sampler Square can get the hardware we need to finish our projects off correctly.  All of your homes are built to a higher level and we believe in exceptional not acceptable.  Sampler Square also provides excellent customer service which is important to our company and clients."  -Chris Cook

Mandt construction

"Working with Sampler Square saves me time and money.  I couldn't ask for a better partner for my company's hardware needs."  -Joe Mandt

DC Interiors

"Love working with Paul.  He's professional, knowledgeable, organized, and efficient.  Helps to make my job easier."  -Deb Corning

RB Remodeling and sons

"I send all my clients to Sampler Square.  Huge selection and friendly, knowledgeable staff."  -Rod Ballweg

Retail Customer

 "We did a pretty major remodel and loved working with Paul for our hardware. he has lots of great input and is super practical as well. Totally no pressure sales. He really wants you to be happy. I’ll come here for smaller projects as well. There’s such great selection, from super basic yet long-lasting to very niche market items that make a person smile because it’s so special." -Grace

Retail customer

 "I was referred to Sampler Square by the folks at Brunsell because "Sampler Square can track down all the unique cabinet hardware," which is what I had. Paul took a look at my damaged 270 degree cabinet hinge and suspected he had a match in the store. He sold me a set and told me to try it out. It was close, but not quite right when I tried it at home. He gladly took it back and refunded my money and said he would search for a replacement. He found one and got back to me right away. It was a custom piece, so he ordered it and got me all set for less than he told me it would originally cost. What fantastic, friendly service and a high quality part at a price much less than I ever expected. I will always go back to them for cabinet hardware and more. Thanks Paul." -Neils